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Midi: My Heart Will Go On....


Mommy and Daddy's Wedding Picture...
Wedding Photo

Hi! Welcome to page 2 of the photo gallery.
Enjoy your stay ~ and enjoy the pictures on exhibition
of some of the family! *smile* This is a very graphic intensive page
so please sit back and relax while it loads.. Thanks!

Jessica newborn pic 1 week old. / 8 months old Jessica Taste of MN '94

December Jessica Christmas 94 / summer 95 Summer of '95

Happy Spring! '96Happy Spring 96 / Hood Canal 96 Hood Canal, Washington 96

Jessica and Granny Jude on the Pacific Ocean Granny Jude! / ketchup!  ketchup at the washington CO fair '97

 Schoolway bus summer '97 Mommy's Bus.. / Bored... camping with the Bus Kids

Donald and Jessica '98 I love Daddy / Xmas 97 christmas Jammies '98

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mommy says the music isnt about a sinking ship, but really about a great love.... and she says she has a great love for me.