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Welcome toSabby's Little Web Page!

A lot has happened since this page was last updated in January! Julia turned 1 and Jessica will be 7 here very shortly! Where has the year gone? From an arm held , nursing little bundle to crawling and learning to eat to walking and running and chasing the kitten around the house to torture it! Oh my how they grow! From barely being able to spell her name to spelling out every road sign, and reading along with books to informing me that its a "blustery" day out- to telling me that its nearly 6 o:clock and am I going to cook dinner or not? :) Oh these brilliant and bright children!

NEW! Check out the already outdated Valentines page- beautiful portraits of both kids :).

Jessica and Julia, Summer 2000 at the Zoo! (yes that is a HUGE red wagon)...
Jessica's Elmo Page~
Photo Album~
Julia's page
School Bus Pages~ Includes the School Bus Drivers WebRing
Lilith Fair 97&98~
Happy Valentines Day 2000 (new)

The Search for ET at home....

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This site was updated on Monday, August 28, 2000
The address to this page is https://sabbyj.tripod.com/index.html
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Junior Asparagus Big Idea Productions. Material courtesy of The Ultimate VeggieTales Web Site.